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CellBank Australia is a not-for-profit cell line repository providing authenticated cell lines and associated services.

Cell culture is a fundamental laboratory practice at the heart of a wide range of biological and medical research. Access to authentic cell lines, free from contamination with Mycoplasma or other cell lines, is a critical need for cell culture research. Cell line repositories, such as CellBank Australia, have been established around the world to meet these needs. Researchers who have developed a novel cell line can deposit the cell line with CellBank Australia or another repository. CellBank Australia will, after meticulous quality control to establish the authenticity of the cell line and confirm it is free from contamination, appropriately store the cell line so it is preserved indefinitely and is available to other researchers throughout the world.

Until the establishment of CellBank Australia, Australian researchers were required to access cell lines from overseas repositories. The costs, regulations, and time frame associated with international cold chain shipping of cell lines made this a frustrating and difficult process. CellBank Australia has established a novel collection of Australian and New Zealand cell lines and also acts as an Australia and New Zealand distributor for the European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC) with over 700 ECACC lines held in stock in Australia.

CellBank Australia enables Australian researchers to;

  • Choose from a catalogue of over 700 cell lines, including well-established cell lines and novel Australian cell lines only available from CellBank Australia.
  • Pay domestic shipping fees (in many cases less than $50) instead of international shipping fees (often over $1000). 
  • Receive cell lines within days (instead of weeks), after the relevant paperwork has been completed and where the cell lines are in stock.
  • Avoid the need to obtain and prepare import documentation.
  • Deposit novel cell lines with an Australian repository for international distribution by CellBank Australia and its distributors, including ECACC.
  • Access a full range of related services, without having to deal with international service providers, including;
    • Cell line authentication by STR profiling.
    • Mycoplasma testing.
    • Secure storage in liquid nitrogen (including IDA storage under the Budapest Treaty for patenting purposes).
    • A culture and return service for the creation of your own master and working banks. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, all revenue received by CellBank Australia is used, along with research grant funding from various sources, to offset the operational costs of the facility and further the goal of supporting good cell culture practices throughout the Australian and international research community.


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CellBank Australia was established in 2005 by a joint venture of the Children's Medical Research Institute, Cure Cancer Australia, and National Breast Cancer Foundation. CellBank Australia has been owned and operated by CMRI from July 2007.

CellBank Australia has also received funding from the Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council (2005-2010), The University of Sydney (2012), Cancer Institute NSW (2009-2015) and the New South Wales Office for Health and Medical Research (2014).


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