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CellBank Australia sells a broad range of authentic, quality-controlled, repository grade cell lines. CellBank Australia has a range of novel cell lines deposited by Australian and New Zealand researchers and also distributes cell lines from the European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC) in Australia and New Zealand.

We have made it simpler to purchase cell lines and hybridomas. Please visit our new online store, which is open to Australian and New Zealand customers.

CellBank Australia cell lines

CellBank Australia cell lines are novel lines deposited by Australian and New Zealand researchers. They are available from both CellBank Australia and its overseas distributor, ECACC.

ECACC cell lines

CellBank Australia is an Australia and New Zealand distributor for ECACC. Over 1,700 lines are available through the general and hybridoma collections. Approximately 700 of these lines are held at our premises in Australia.

Why purchase cell lines from CellBank Australia?

  • Pay less for your cell lines. For customers in Australia, the total cost of the cell line (purchase price plus shipping costs) is typically much lower than purchasing the same cell line from an overseas repository, as you pay only domestic shipping fees (often less than $50 compared with over $1,000 for international shipping). Please contact us if you find a cheaper price from another vendor.
  • Get your cell lines quicker. Cell lines in stock are typically delivered within 48 hours of completing your order (depending on location), compared to weeks for overseas delivery.
  • Choose from a wide variety of cell lines. Many of the commonly used cell lines purchased from overseas repositories are also available from CellBank Australia through our ECACC catalogue. In addition, we stock unique, novel, Australian and New Zealand cell lines only available through CellBank Australia.
  • Get local technical support and expert advice.
  • CellBank Australia is a not-for-profit organisation. All revenue is used to offset operational costs and further the goal of supporting good cell culture practices.




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