Deposit Services

CellBank Australia offers a range of deposit-related services involving the transfer of cell lines or other material to CellBank Australia for storage in our secure, liquid nitrogen storage facility. These services include:

CellBank Australia Deposits

Make your novel cell lines more widely available for research purposes by depositing them with CellBank Australia. Deposited cell lines are subject to STR profiling and other quality control checks before being made available for global distribution: at no charge to the depositor.

Secure Storage Deposits

Store your own cell lines or other material, for your own use at a later date, in CellBank Australia's liquid nitrogen storage facility using our Secure Storage Service. Vials are stored in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen, tracked by barcode, and constantly monitored through a building-wide alarm system.

Patent Deposits

CellBank Australia is an International Depository Authority (IDA) under the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure. Through our Patent Deposit Service, CellBank Australia accepts human and animal cell lines and hybridomas for storage to supplement written disclosure of an invention with international patent offices. Deposits are stored for the full period specified by the Treaty and are furnished (released) to authorized parties as required.

For further information on any of our Deposit Services, including prices, please follow the links above or contact us.


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