Date added: 02/03/2017 ICLAC releases updated list of misidentified cell lines


ICLAC releases updated list of misidentified cell lines

Microscope ImageThe International Cell Line Authentication Committee (ICLAC) is a voluntary committee that focuses on cross-contaminated or otherwise misidentified cell lines.

Members are scientists with expertise in misidentified cell lines, authentication testing, and database applications.  ICLAC is chaired by Amanda Capes-Davis, Founding Manager and Honorary Scientist of CellBank Australia. 

The committee curates a list or register of known misidentified cell lines and provides resources for good cell culture practice in this area.

ICLAC released an updated version of its list of misidentified cell lines in December 2016.

The latest version contains 488 cell lines. 451 of these cell lines are misidentified with no known authentic stock (Table 1). The remaining 37 cell lines were thought to be misidentified at one time, but evidence now exists for authentic material (Table 2).

ICLAC advises scientists to use this list as a resource before starting work on a new cell line, to see if it is known to be misidentified. Authentication testing is still essential to ensure that the laboratory’s sample has not been cross-contaminated.


More information on the ICLAC website

ICLAC’s list of misidentified cell lines can be downloaded from its website:

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