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We have made it simpler to purchase cell lines and hybridomas. Please visit our new online store, which is open to Australian and New Zealand customers.

CellBank Australia is a not-for-profit facility providing validated cell lines and related services throughout Australia and the world. CellBank Australia acts as a distributor of ECACC cell lines in Australia and New Zealand and as a secure repository for cell lines developed by the local research community. CellBank Australia aims to make it cheaper and easier for scientists in this region to access quality-controlled cell lines.


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Mycoplasma Testing

Short Tandem Repeat (STR) DNA profiling

Secure Storage

Culture & Return / Custom Culture 

Consultation & Education



ICLAC Database of Misidentified Cell Lines

The list of misidentified cell lines was updated on October 03, 2014 to version 7.2.

NHMRC Recommendation

NHMRC recommends researchers test cell lines for contamination.

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