Date added: 11/11/2022 DOS16: a new cell line from an inherited cancer syndrome

With a germline mutation in the TP53 gene and is positive for the ALT telomere maintenance mechanism.

See Newsletter October 2022.

Date added: 11/11/2022 Freezer Failures can Affect Any Laboratory

Failure of a -80oC freezer or liquid nitrogen storage system is a common event in clinical and research laboratories.

See Newsletter August 2022.

Date added: 11/11/2022 Testing at CellBank Australia Shows One in Twenty Samples are Misidentified

CellBank Australia tests approximately 600 samples every year, looking for cell line problems such as mycoplasma contamination or cell line misidentification.

See Newsletter June 2022.

Date added: 11/11/2022 Testing Cell Lines for Publication in High-Impact Journals

Cell lines must be tested to ensure that they are authentic and free from mycoplasma.

See Newsletter April 2022.

Date added: 11/11/2022 Cell Lines, the Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cell lines used to culture the SARS-CoV-2 virus and study its biology.

See Newsletter February 2022.

Date added: 11/11/2022 The Hidden World of Cell Lines

New video designed to be a short, engaging introduction to cell line problems for students and young scientists, explaining cell lines problem.

See Newsletter August 2021


Date added: 21/09/2022 The International Cell Line Authentication Committee ICLAC

New training resources developped to help teach students about misidentified cell lines and authentication testing.

See Newsletter October 2021.


Date added: 22/01/2018 Do Funding Bodies and Journals have Cell Line Requirements?

Date added: 24/11/2017 Depositing Cell Lines Helps Reduce Misidentification

Date added: 24/11/2017 MDA-MB-435 Mystery Solved Using 40 Year Old Samples